J. Askew

J. Askew

Science Fiction Writer

J. Askew is a Science Fiction and Horror writer. She explores mental health issues, sexual identity, and disability through sci-fi and horror. She often shows weaknesses as strengths at the end of the world. As an LGBTQIA+ activist, she believes that fiction will make our world a better place to come out in.

Featured Stories

Green Again

Green Again is the debut of J. Askew and is currently being pitched out. It follows Hazel Fox, a feral woman in an abandoned city, who needs to learn fast, and avoid the darkness of her mind.

Representation in Sci-Fi and Horror

J. Askew believes in more representation in sci-fi and horror. She is an advocate for more women, and more LGBTQ+ people in these genres. Sci-fi has always pushed boundaries and shown audiences a new way of seeing the world. Expanding on this by supporting more underrepresented authors is a passion for J. Askew.

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J. Askew tweets at @J_Askew_Author

J. Askew

J. Askew tweets at @J_Askew_Author.


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