J. Askew

J. Askew

Science Fiction Writer

J. Askew is a Science Fiction and Horror writer. She explores mental health issues, sexual identity, and disability through sci-fi and horror. She often shows weaknesses as strengths at the end of the world. She writes space operas, dystopian dramas and most speculative fiction genres, all steeped in plot twists and stand-out characters. She/her.

Featured Stories

Green Again

Green Again is the debut of J. Askew and is currently being pitched out. It follows Hazel Fox, a feral woman in an abandoned city, who needs to learn fast, and avoid the darkness of her mind.

Representation in Sci-Fi and Horror

J. Askew believes in more representation in sci-fi and horror. She is an advocate for more women, and more LGBTQ+ people in these genres. Sci-fi has always pushed boundaries and shown audiences a new way of seeing the world. Expanding on this by supporting more underrepresented authors is a passion for J. Askew.

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J. Askew tweets at @J_Askew_Author

J. Askew

J. Askew tweets at @J_Askew_Author.


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