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Joanne Askew is a Science-Fiction and Horror writer. She explores mental health issues, sexual identity, femininity and neurodiversity through speculative fiction. As an LGBTQIA+ activist, she believes that fiction will make our world a better place to come out in. She has many short story publications and has an LGBTQ+ novella coming out in 2022. She strives for more queer representation in media, particularly speculative fiction, and highlights social injustices like inner-city poverty, the justice system and mental health representation. Joanne has OCD but battles her compulsions to make sure she uses them as a superpower in an empowering way.

Featured Stories

“The Cadillac”
All Worlds Wayfarer Literary Magazine
Spring Equinox edition
March 2021
“The Hollywood” won First Place in the Divination Hollow Reviews’ Horror in Hollywood short story competition with a look at the future of the entertainment industry… in space. Read the story here.
“Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Race”
Unburied – AM Ink Publishing
“Audrey is… Bulletproof”
The sequel to “Bulletproof”
The Other Stories Podcast, Hawk and Cleaver – November 9th 2020
The Other Stories Podcast, Hawk and Cleaver
– November 25th 2019

Representation in Sci-Fi and Horror

Joanne Askew believes there should be diverse representation in fiction. She is an advocate for more women, and more LGBTQIA+ people in these genres. Sci-fi has always pushed boundaries and shown audiences a new way of seeing the world. Expanding on this by supporting more underrepresented characters, subjects and authors is a passion for Joanne Askew.

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