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Joanne Askew is a Science Fiction and Horror writer. She explores mental health issues, sexual identity, and disability through sci-fi and horror. As an LGBTQIA+ activist, she believes that fiction will make our world a better place to come out in.

Featured Stories

“The Hollywood” won First Place in the Divination Hollow Reviews’ Horror in Hollywood short story competition with a look at the future of the entertainment industry… in space. Read the story here.
“Audrey is… Bulletproof”
The sequel to “Bulletproof”
The Other Stories Podcast, Hawk and Cleaver – November 9th 2020
The Other Stories Podcast, Hawk and Cleaver
– November 25th 2019
“Easter Planet”
Scary Snippets: Easter – Nocturnal Sirens Publishing
Easter 2020
“The Oaks”
NOPE 2: Too Late, Didn’t Run –
TL;DR Press –
October 18th 2020

“Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Race”
Unburied – AM Ink Publishing
“The Everything”
Awakenings Literary Magazine (free to read) – Pg 70
Nominated for Best of the Web Fiction Award
September 27th 2019

Representation in Sci-Fi and Horror

Joanne Askew believes there should be diverse representation in fiction. She is an advocate for more women, and more LGBTQIA+ people in these genres. Sci-fi has always pushed boundaries and shown audiences a new way of seeing the world. Expanding on this by supporting more underrepresented characters, subjects and authors is a passion for Joanne Askew.

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Joanne Askew tweets at @J_Askew_Author

J. Askew

J. Askew tweets at @J_Askew_Author.


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