Short Stories

Below are Joanne Askew’s short stories published in various magazines, podcasts, journals and anthologies.

“Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Race”

COMING PRIDE MONTH 2021 (June 1st): Pre-order here
Unburied – AM Ink Publishing

“The Cadillac”

All Worlds Wayfarer Literary Magazine
Spring Equinox edition
March 2021

“The Hollywood”

Won First Place in the Divination Hollow Reviews’ Horror in Hollywood short story competition with a look at the future of the entertainment industry… in space. Read the story here.

“The Oaks”

NOPE 2: Too Late, Didn’t Run – TL;DR Press

“Audrey is… Bulletproof”

The Other Stories Podcast, Hawk and Cleaver 
– November 9th 2020

“The Einsteiners”

TL;DR Press – Beneath Strange Stars Anthology
January 2nd 2020

“The First”

Thriller Magazine
December 15th 2019


The Other Stories Podcast, 
Hawk and Cleaver (second most listened to episode)
– November 25th 2019

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